Who Am I? Why Blog?

My name is Deakin R.B. This is usually the part where someone states their name and then who they are by listing a variety of identity markers. No thanks. I am Deakin R.B., and that will suffice. I have decided to not reduce the complexity of my individuality for you into a few labels. Instead, here’s my name. If you want to get to know me — read. I’ll explain my reluctance to list myself in identities later.

So — why blog?

Public blogging has always seemed a bit too masturbatory for me, so self-involved and self-important. The voyeurism of letting someone into your life and thoughts — a public journal — seemed icky and vulnerable to me. Yet, that’s probably why a lot of people do it. I realized, though, it can be whatever you want or need it to be. Also — I wasn’t ready before. I had more to read and learn. I still do, but I now am confident enough in my learning to publicly share it.

I have decided to start this blog with these goals in mind:

  • I need an outlet for the overwhelming amount of thoughts I have about society, ideologies, and problems facing our times.
  • I see my point of view as unique, existing in different realms and spheres of society that others rarely leave. I believe I can offer insights into disagreements and tension that seem to permeate our discourse.
  • I want to dispel myths and misunderstandings that have latched onto our minds, distorting our understanding of reality, history, and the best way to cope with our present issues.
  • I want to show others that there are different ways of thinking, different ways to view the world and current events — even if the prevailing one seems so loud or ubiquitous — however seemingly interminable it may be.
  • Things change. Minds change. I want to be show, and be, that.

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