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Sex and Gender: How We Got Here and Where to Go

If you’ve been paying attention to anything in our society lately, you might notice a chasm of dispute about sex, gender, and what it all means. But what is “sex”? What is “gender”? And how did we get here? The path to understanding this isn’t pleasant, and it most certainly will challenge what you think […]

The Malaise of “Misinformation”, from Spotify to the View: Cudgel and Comfort

You can’t turn on the news, listen to a podcast, or read an article these days without the word “misinformation” slapping you in the face. It’s become such a ubiquitous word in the zeitgeist, like “unprecedented” or “spiritual” that it has started to mean so much that it might mean nothing. More than just the […]

Meghan Markle is Not the Little Mermaid: Suffering and Strength

No, Meghan Markle — you are not the Little Mermaid. Whether we are talking about Hans Christian Andersens’ very-Christian fairy tale or the Disney version of The Little Mermaid, we can fully and undeniably attest: you are not her. While the general cattiness of my title opines well enough, it should be noted that I […]

Who Am I? Why Blog?

My name is Deakin R.B. This is usually the part where someone states their name and then who they are by listing a variety of identity markers. No thanks. I am Deakin R.B., and that will suffice. I have decided to not reduce the complexity of my individuality for you into a few labels. Instead, […]

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